You could say we have an unfair advantage when it comes to Ministry Websites. For starters we’ve been in the business of building WordPress websites since 2007. So we know the technology that you need to reach people and expand your ministry.

Not only that, but our company’s leadership are serious about their walks with Jesus. How serious? Well they uprooted the company, moved it across country. That way they could attend a Bible college – while still working full time in the business.

Our passion is to providing churches and ministries the tools, technology and know-how to reach more people with the good news Jesus came to bring.

Passion to See Ministries Succeed

That’s why our founder, Chris Cree, wrote his first book – Church Websites: How to Communicate the Gospel Effectively in a Social Media World. He realized that not every ministry has the financial resources to hire Kingdom House Productions directly. So he put the wisdom gleaned from his decade-plus experience into a low cost format where it is now accessible to every ministry.

It is also why Chris and his wife Lisa moved to Scotland as missionaries and continued the business from there! And it is a big part of why we rebranded the business after returning to the States from the mission field.

Kingdom Focus

The new Kingdom House Productions name is more in line with our vision to be a part of expanding the influence of the Kingdom of God in our world and culture. We live in exciting times. The costs of technology continue to fall.

There has never been a better time to reach more people with your message for less money in the entire history of mankind. If you have a powerful message that people need to hear, contact us to see how we can help you get that content packaged for the world to experience.

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