Originally founded in 2007, SuccessCREEations was rebranded as Kingdom House Productions in 2023 and moved to our new home in Ohio. We are a boutique agency that partners with a very select clientele. We work from the big picture down to the details. This means we start by understanding how your business or ministry operates and what your long term goals are.

Then we devise strategies for you to reach those goals. Only when we’ve accomplished that do we get to work on building the ideal tool kit to accomplish those goals. And finally, we train our clients to use those tools effectively.

Our Expertise

Here at Kingdom House Productions, our expertise is digital media publishing in its various forms. We are especially well versed in WordPress websites and WordPress support, with nearly 20 years of experience building and servicing WordPress sites.

We are in the business of creating solutions to make it easier for organizations to reach more customers via the internet. We understand that your web presence may only be a part of your overall marketing plan and needs to integrate with everything else you do to promote your organization.

We examine the various internet activities — such as web publishing, social media, video, eBooks, email marketing, etc. — together in a strategic, systematic way to clear away the fog of confusion. Our clients see real results because we give them the tools they need, show them how they fit together to achieve their goals, and train them how to use those tools effectively.

We’re about empowering businesses and ministries to create their own success. When third party tools and services do the job we point our clients in that direction. And we also create new tools when we see a need that can be met a better way.

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