The ministry or business website is the foundation of successful new media systems. And there is no better platform to power your ministry or business website than WordPress.

WordPress gives you back control of your website in an easy to use powerful platform. WordPress currently powers over 810 million websites and accounts for about 43.1% of the websites on the internet. Every day more and more organizations are realizing the power and simplicity that WordPress puts at their fingertips to reach more people and attract more customers.


Our team at Kingdom House Productions has been working with WordPress since 2005, when there were fewer than a million sites built on it! Therefore, we understand it’s strengths (and potential weaknesses). As a result, we have experience integrating WordPress into a comprehensive new media strategy for small business that can incorporate web publishing, social media, and ongoing customer contact that leverages existing marketing and branding.

WordPress is the best choice to power websites for both small startup, and larger established organizations. We admit we’re a little biased when we say that. But fortunately the facts do support our bias.

At last count there are over 25 42 55 60 71 124 342 620 810 million websites powered by WordPress. As you can see, that number is steadily growing. Not only are brand new websites being created in WordPress, but tons of existing websites are being converted to the platform. This is especially true with websites for smaller organizations!

WordPress was originally known as a powerful blogging platform. However over the years it has grown far beyond blogging into a powerful content management system that, in many ways, is ideally suited for small ministries and business.

Easy to Use

Because of its blogging roots, WordPress is easy to use. It is created to make web publishing easy for people of modest technical means. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you don’t have to be a computer wiz to manage the content of your WordPress website.

You have a business to run. You don’t have time to get a graduate degree in computer science to run your business website. With WordPress, you don’t need one!

Powerful SEO

WordPress does a great job ranking in the search engines right out of the box. Adjust some settings, add a premium theme or an SEO plugin, and you have the ability to easily fine tune your site’s on-page optimization.

That gives your organization a powerful leg up when trying to reach a broader audience with your message!

Dynamic Content

With its roots in blogging, WordPress makes creating sites with dynamic content easy as pie. Uploading images, adding audio and embedding videos is simple as can be.

Not only that, but WordPress builds in interactivity with its included commenting system. That coupled with the ease with which you can add blog posts and other content makes it easy for you to produce a dynamic website that keeps people coming back time and time again.


When compared to other website solutions out there WordPress is generally much less expensive. Because it is open source software, the true do-it-yourselfers can launch and run a WordPress site for very little money at all.

Sure it takes a little expertise to get things set up correctly so that you get the most from your WordPress site. The good news is there are tons of WordPress designers and developers out there so it’s possible to find the expertise you need at almost any price point.

For a small organizations that are just getting started and are on a tight budget, WordPress makes it possible to have a powerful website that can compete head on with sites from much larger organizations. That way you can see a much bigger return on your web marketing resources than when going with many other platforms.

Simple Social Media Integration

WordPress has hundreds of plugins to add social functions to your website, all available for free!

No matter which social media community you prefer to promote your business on, WordPress can integrate with it. And odds are there’s already a plugin available to connect your site with it today.

You Are In Control

Finally, having your ministry or business website on WordPress puts you in control. It combines ease of use with complete customization.  Your business website can have a totally unique look and feel, but still retain the same easy to use publishing system that makes it easy for you to manage.

With over 810 million websites and growing, there are plenty of WordPress developers with the skills to work on your site. That means you are not locked in to any one developer because there are so many who are familiar with WordPress. You are in control.

Get Started

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